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Childrens Dressup Cowboy and Indian Gear

Dress up your favorite cowboy, cowgirl, Indian Brave, Indian Princess, or mountain man in one of these fun costumes. We have Cowskin and Coonskin Chaps Vest and Hats. Get your li'l pardner a whole Daniel Boone/Davey Crocket Outfit complete with Hatchets, Muskets, Slingshots and more. Your indian princess will love our pink Headdresses and the drums and rattles too (Actually she'll probably want one of our sturdy wooden toy Bow and Arrow Sets). We have swords and guns for all occasions. Have a crusader theme birthday party and get each of them a toy plastic sword. They'll love it. Check out our large selection of furs. We have more in stock (Rabbit fur blankets) just ask.
Your Moccasin HQ presents the 125 Toy Cowboy Western Spurs 125 Toy Cowboy Spurs
These Great Toy spurs Attach to your little pardner's Cowboy Boots. Get him some chaps, a gun, a hat, and a rope and he has the whole outfit. Your little Cowboy/Cowgirl will think these are greatest. Know a theater group putting on a play with cowboys? These spurs are mandatory. Get them now while supplies. These are great rendezvous and renaissance fair items.
Your Moccasin HQ presents the 5006 Toy Cowboy Trick Lasso Rope 5006 Trick Lasso Rope
Your cowboy/cowgirl aint a working cowboy until they have a lasso rope at their side. Mom this is a lot of fun for youngsters who get to practice roping their stuffed animals with this great stiff Trick Rope. They will look like Expert Rodeo ropers in no time at all. Gos great with a cowboy hat, pistol, spurs, and Chaps. (We have all those things in stock, JUST ASK).
Your Moccasin HQ presents the 8513 Toy Sheriffs Badge for Cowboys 8513 Sheriff Badge
Well if your gonna play Wyatt Earp, you're gonna need a badge. These badges are great for your cowboy costume. They also make great party favors in case you need a whole posse of Sheriffs. These genuine metal badges will make your little cow polk feel proud to be the law enforcer of the neighborhood.
sling shots.jpg Sling Shots
Check out the variety of sling shots we sell. Hours of fun!
Raccoon Sling Shot $8.95
Wolf Sling Shot $8.95
Mallard Sling Shot $8.95
Black Bear Sling Shot $8.95
Eagle Sling Shot $8.95
Tree Branch Sling Shot $8.95
Professional Model Sling Shot $11.50
Plain Pine Sling Shot $7.50
Daniel Boone, Davey Crocket,  Coonskin Cap Coonskin Hat
Moc Coonskin Cap with real Tail. Ride with Daniel Boone and Conquer the west. Save the Alamo again in these great coonskin caps. Please note that the tail may have a blue tint to it. This occurs during the tanning process and can not be helped. Available in Small, Med. and Large. Don't forget to enter size.

Enter Size
Small Wooden Bow & Arrow - Out of stock
Small Toy Wooden Bow and Arrow. Arrows come with rubber tip. Made by the Cherokee Indians. 30" long

This Item Requires a shipping tube at a cost of $4.00. If Multiple tube items are ordered you will only be charged for one tube.
Indian Princess Drums, Rattles, Slingshots, and Headdresses
Dressup Toy
These wooden slingshots are great for target practice. Keeps your youngster busy for hours at the cabin. Grandpa, you know you'll be a favorite if you get your grandson one of these.
Black Rubber Drum $10.95
Medium Black Rattle $5.50
Medium White/Pink Rattle - out of stock $6.95
White rubber drum $10.95
Rabbit Fur, Bamboo, and Wooden Toy Hatchets
Indian Hatchets make the perfect accesory for that little brave. Harmless rubber blades are fun. This decorative Tomahawk will be the pride and joy of your little brave or maiden. Don't forget to accessorize with a Genuine Cherokee made headdress and a wooden bow and arrow. Check out or Cherokee Leather Drums also.
Genuine Cherokee Wood and Rawhide Drums
Cherokee Indian Made Rawhide Drums
Rawhide and cardboard wood replica Drum. Made by the Cherokee Indians. Extra Large Rawhide and imitation wood Drum. Made by the Cherokee Indians. Measures 12.5 inches across. This drum is a thick cardboard drum covered in thick paper with a wood design. The drum head is a rawhide materical and it the heads are tied down with leather thongs.
Small Rawhide Drum - OUT OF STOCK $14.95
Medium Rawhide Drum - OUT OF STOCK $18.95
Extra Large Rawhide Drum - OUT OF STOCK $41.95
Large Rawhide Drum-OUT OF STOCK $25.95
Your Moccasin HQ presents the 7362 Toy Compound Bow for the Little Hunter 7362 Camo Limb Compound Bow and Arrow with Target -out of stock
I'm a big bow hunter and this is how I start my kids out. Nothing is better than bow hunting with your little guy or gal and this is a perfect introduction to teaching them some bow saftey and they get gear that looks just like dads. It is the perfect way to lead into a real bow. This is a way different look than our wooden long bows and your kids will love it.
Kids Cowboy Toys 7352 Big Game Archery Set - out of stock
This is a great Archery set to start your little hunter out. This bow has camoflaged limbs just like dads bow and it comes with arrow and a target. Your little hunter will love the hours of archery target practice while they get ready for the big hunt. Get those little guys interested in Hunting Right Now. As Ted Nugent says, get them to appreciate the wild around them. Don't sit them in front of those video games and make them couch potatoes.
Red Yellow Blue Headdress Small.JPG Indian Headdress with Red, Yellow and Blue Feathers
Seven beautiful yellow, red, and blue feathers adorn this headband. Each feather is about 12" long. The headband has a decorative soutwest style pictures on it of a Buffalo, Thunderbird, and a Teepee. Two Leather Straps ending in white Feathers drop down on the side. This is a great Headdress for your next Native American Costume. This Headdress in manufacuted at the Qualla Indian Reservation by the Cherokee Indians. Red, Yellow and Blue feathered Indian Headdress with feather drops for $8.95.
Toy Spear - SOLD OUT
Toy Spear with Leather End. Created by the Cherokee Indians

This Item Requires a shipping tube at a cost of $4.00. If Multiple tube items are ordered you will only be charged for one tube.
Lynx, Rabbit, and Fox Furs and Tails Furs
Luxurious Genuine Fox Tails come Red, Grey, Black, White, and variations of these colors. They are super soft and Beautiful. About 18" long on average
Super Soft Genuine Lynx Tails. About 5" long.
Genuine Fox Foot with Claw. About 10" in length. Comes in White and Black.
Genuine Lynx Foot with Claw. About 10" in length.
Genuine Raccoon Tail about 12" in Length.
These Genuine Rabbit Furs come in a variety of colors. Black, White, Ocelot striped, Zebra Striped.
Fox Foot with Claw $15.95
Large Fox Tails $15.95
Lynx Foot with Claw $15.95
Lynx Tails $12.95
Rabbit Furs $10.95
Raccoon Tail $12.95
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The History of Daniel Boone

Daniel Boone was born November 2, 1734 in a log cabin in Berks County, near present-day Reading, Pennsylvania. Boone is one of the most famous pioneers in United States history. He spent most of his life exploring and settling the American frontier.

Boone had little formal education, but he did learn the skills of a woodsmen early in life. By age 12 his sharp hunter's eye and skill with a rifle helped keep his family well provided with wild game. In 1756 Boone married Rebecca Bryan, a pioneer woman with great courage and patience. He spent most of the next ten years hunting and farming to feed his family. In 1769 a trader and old friend, John Findley, visited Boone's cabin. Findley was looking for an overland route to Kentucky and needed a skilled woodsman to guide him. In 1769 Boone, Findley and five men traveled along wilderness trails and through the Cumberland gap in the Appalachian mountains into Kentucky. They found a "hunter's paradise" filled with buffalo, deer, wild turkey and meadows ideal for farming. Boone vowed to return with his family one day.

In 1775 Boone and 30 other woodsmen were hired to improve the trails between the Carolinas and the west. The resulting route reached into the heart of Kentucky and became known as the "Wilderness Road." That same year Boone built a fort and village called Boonesborough in Kentucky, and moved his family over the Wilderness Trail to their new home.

Boone had numerous encounters with the native people of Kentucky during the Revolutionary War. In 1776, Shawnee warriors kidnapped his daughter and two other girls. Two days later Boone caught up with the Indians and through surprise attack rescued the girls. In 1778, he was captured by another band of Shawnee. Boone learned that the tribe was planning an attack on Boonesborough. He negotiated a settlement with Chief Blackfish of the Shawnee, preventing the attack. The Indians admired their captive for his skill as a hunter and woodsman and adopted him into their tribe as a son of Blackfish. He escaped when he learned the Shawnee, at the instigation of the British, were planning another attach on Boonesborough. The settlement was reinforced and provisioned in preparation for the assault. When British soldiers and the Indians attacked, Boonesborough withstood a ten-day siege and Chief Blackfish and the British finally withdrew.

After the Revolutionary War, Boone worked as a surveyor along the Ohio River and settled for a time in Kanawha County, Virginia (now West Virginia). In 1792, Kentucky was admitted into the Union as the 15th state. Litigation arose that questioned many settlers' title to their lands. Boone lost all his property due to lack of clear title. In 1799, he followed his son, Daniel Morgan Boone, to Missouri which was then under the dominion of Spain. Traveling by canoe, he and his family paddled down the Ohio River to St. Louis.

In 1800, Boone was appointed magistrate of the Femme Osage District in St. Charles County, Missouri. He received a large tract of land for his services. When Missouri was transferred to the United States as part of the Louisiana Purchase, Boone once again lost all his land, most of which was sold to satisfy creditors in Kentucky. Boone's wife Rebecca died on March 18, 1813. He spent his remaining years living in his son Nathan's home in the St. Charles area. He went on his final hunting trip at the age of 83.

Daniel Boone died on September 26, 1820 at the age of 85. In 1845 the remains of Boone and his wife were moved to Kentucky to rest in the great pioneer's "hunter's paradise." There is some controversy surrounding the final disposition of Boone's remains. Some say that Daniel and Rebecca are still in Missouri, and that the wrong remains were removed and re-buried. Others have demanded the return of the bodies to Missouri.

As found at http://www.lucidcafe.com/library/95nov/boone.html

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